Hi, I am Doc Brown! I don’t know you (yet) but I already know something about you. You are interested in the stock market. Me too! 

 If you are like me you want to (1) get rich. You also want to (2) build significant and lasting wealth. Then you want to (3) retire to a life of luxury and leisure

 I am not saying that you want to just lay around and do nothing. But I am sure you want to spend more time on the things you really want to do rather than have to. This website is a starting point for you. 

I was born into a wealthy family… 

But the wealth was lost due to (1) cancer then (2) financial ignorance and (3) financial predation by a stock broker, a former vitamin con artist, and other semi-con artist “friends” who took advantage of my parents kindness. By the time I was 19 my family was flat on its back and wiped out! I decided to get a doctorate in money (finance) and know prepare young professionals for Wall Street. I was money ignorant in my youth but I am now a true expert. Let me be your tutor as I am to thousands others worldwide through my online courses and websites. 

The Millionaire Guide to the Stock Market…

series covers the foundations of four primary capital markets: stocks, futures, currencies (Fx, Forex), and options. This is a free course open to the public. You may roam at will! The Bullet-Proof Series is available to you on an invitation basis. These are intensive course designed for traders at all levels but culminate with actual MBA finance course material. This allows you to begin at any level of trading and move up you skill as high as you desire. Make sure that you get on our list by enrolling in the pop-up.


While you are waiting I’ll send you the true story, “How I Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market.”  This will give you the start of a well calibrated system proven to offer the highest stock market returns by financial science from research centers in Harvard Business School, The University of Chicago, and Yale University.    

-Dr. Scott (Doc) Brown 

BIO: Dr. Scott Brown holds a Ph.D. in finance from the University of South Carolina. He has published in the 5th and 6th ranked journals in the field. Scott is a full-time, tenured, academically qualified associate professor of finance at the University of Puerto Rico.



Chapter 7: Hysteria and Manipulation

Topic 1: Mass Hysteria

Topic 2: Beta Death

Topic 3: Tulip Mania

Topic 4: Ponzi Schemes

Topic 5: Irrational & Happy

Topic 6: Savvy Investors

Topic 7: Insider Executives

Topic 8: Market Corners

Topic 9: Hudson (1851)

Topic 10: Harlem (1863)

Topic 11: Harlem (1864)

Topic 12: Prairie (1965)

Topic 13: Michigan (1866)

Topic 14: Erie (Mar 1868)

Topic 15: Erie (Nov 1868)

Topic 16: Gold (1869)

Topic 17:  Erie (1872)

Topic 18: NW (1872)

Topic 19: NP (1901)

Topic 20: Stutz (1920)

Topic 21: Piggly (1932)

Topic 22: RCA (1928)

Topic 23: Recent Corners

Topic 24: Anti-Corner Laws