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 A two million dollar portfolio is an easier reach after the first fortune. Some investors build up from there to five, ten, fifteen or more millions. 

 Nonetheless you have to start wherever you find yourself now. I am here to help you discover how to attain, and even more importantly maintain, your financial goals as I have done for our family.       -Doc Brown

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… is your level of preparation. Otherwise victory will defy you.

To consistently win you must have a clear plan you devise from independent thinking. The only way this can form in your mind is through a solid financial education. This alone foments greater wealth.

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A group of traders from all over the world have asked Dr. Scott Brown to teach us the MBA Finance Course required by Wall Street trading firms. He is offering it to everyone for a short time. He guides students during regular open webinar sessions much like the lab classes in college Learn the right way to trade or invest from a stellar teacher. Doc will be one of your best friends before long! -Elaine Edwards


Doc, Anything you do is okay. Come on man, no one else is doing it — you have cornered the market for honest teaching! I am working myself through the stock lessons (reading the powerpoints for the intermediate classes — I don’t think you have audio lectures for that, at least I couldn’t find them on the site). I just didn’t want to miss the futures class if you did it. Next month is certainly fine. Plenty of reading in the meantime. All my best, -Jeff


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into this course. Your examples of how to select stocks plus other insights on investing have really been helpful. As I mentioned in Thursday’s class, I do hope you’ll find a way to continue reaching out to those of us in the hinterlands who need your help and inspiration as we continue to grow as investors. These webinars have achieved all of that. Thanks again for the summary – the charts are a great reminder of the salient points. Thanks again. I hope you have a restful and very merry Christmas. -Student of “How to Build A Million Dollar Portfolio From Scratch!” by Dr. Scott Brown


Hey Doc, Of course I was listening in on your Fast Food Lecture! Panning for gold in your newsletter is way too fun — always come away with something new (whether it be a stock or a concept or really both, which is always what happens). Very helpful to see your process of analyzing stocks and learning to not be hitched to a particular stock — that is another flaw I have had in the past that clearly was not working (I’m sure it still lingers on with me but at least I am better aware of that issue and to be on the watch). So helpful to see someone teaching by doing and especially to see how you let good ones run and cut questionable ones short. Headed back to Stock Intermediate Lecture 6…… Best regards, -J. C.


Hi Dr. Brown, Just finished watching your weekly video newsletter and really like the interchange of information. I always get new insights into additional items of information that I can incorporate into my own analysis. I also wanted to say “Thank you” for inviting me in to your inner circle and I enjoyed our first phone call last week. -C.B.


I want to thank you for making the opportunity to learn from you available. i was attracted to your program because I had been using an investment newsletter for investing ideas. But I was frustrated at the rough entries and large stop losses they recommended. I eventually, discovered that I did a lot better when I waited for the paper version to arrive because the market had then settled back to a more normal pattern. Also, I began tightening my stops when I perceived a change in the market. This lead me to get stopped out a lot sooner, but I avoided giving up even more profit. After just going through the first part of your material,[and then looking back at the newsletter recommendations] I can see that most of the recommendations, while fundamentally sound, are really premature or will never be viable. After all, it doesn’t matter how good the stock is if no one is buying it. Thanks so much! Sincerely, -Glenn S. 


Chapter 7: Hysteria and Manipulation

Topic 1: Mass Hysteria

Topic 2: Beta Death

Topic 3: Tulip Mania

Topic 4: Ponzi Schemes

Topic 5: Irrational & Happy

Topic 6: Savvy Investors

Topic 7: Insider Executives

Topic 8: Market Corners

Topic 9: Hudson (1851)

Topic 10: Harlem (1863)

Topic 11: Harlem (1864)

Topic 12: Prairie (1965)

Topic 13: Michigan (1866)

Topic 14: Erie (Mar 1868)

Topic 15: Erie (Nov 1868)

Topic 16: Gold (1869)

Topic 17:  Erie (1872)

Topic 18: NW (1872)

Topic 19: NP (1901)

Topic 20: Stutz (1920)

Topic 21: Piggly (1932)

Topic 22: RCA (1928)

Topic 23: Recent Corners

Topic 24: Anti-Corner Laws